Maintaining your perineum : the benefits

Maintaining your perineum : the benefits Half hidden, half invisible, the perineum is usually unknown to women until they have their first delivery. At this stage, they will be taught to strengthen the perineum (perineal re-education), but will they be aware of the consequences later on when it’s not strong? How to find out where it is ? Also called “pelvic floor”, the perineum is…

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the good TBL routine to get your body ready and fit for winter sports

The good TBL practices  to prepare your body for winter sports This part of the year is anticipated by many because it’s a synonym of fresh air with family, friends, partner. To enjoy the snow, winter sports and outside activities, the mountain is a perfect playground during the break in February. But a week at the mountain can’t be improvised. Altitude, weather changes and physical…

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The healthy TBL recipes soup special For this new edition of the healthy TBL recipes, I’ll suggest you today my favorite soup recipes. The soup’s particularity is that we can be creative with its composition, with fresh and season vegetables to satisfy the family’s taste buds. Easy to make, the soup is an invigorating and comforting dish during this cold period. Low in calories, it’s…

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