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The good TBL practices 

to prepare your body for winter sports

Article tbl hiver

This part of the year is anticipated by many because it’s a synonym of fresh air with family, friends, partner. To enjoy the snow, winter sports and outside activities, the mountain is a perfect playground during the break in February.

But a week at the mountain can’t be improvised. Altitude, weather changes and physical activities are more intense than usual… it is necessary to prepare your body as early as possible. We will see together good habits to adopt starting now to approach your vacation trips with serenity so you can enjoy every moment.

Prepare your body in advance

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Walks with snowshoes, skiing, hiking… even the slightest rise in altitude will solicitate the entirety of our bodies with more intensity than usual. To condition our heart it’s necessary to emphasize, weeks before, cardio-vascular exercises.

Before travelling here are a few things I like to do to better my endurance and breathing:

  • Gym biking is ideal to canalize breathing; indeed, the heartbeat works at different paces through intensity changes.
  • Swimming to increase control over your breath and get your limbs to workout.
  • And of course, the most common one, walking, which I practice as much as possible: you solicitate all of your lower body, from buttock to calves.

Target the lower body

While exercising winter sports, the muscles that we solicitate are generally the lower limbs, especially the ones in the thighs (quadriceps, tibial hamstring, adductors and glutes) and the ones in the abdominal zone.

In addition to the daily 15 minutes of TBL, small exercises can easily be put together to reinforce the muscles that will be more solicitated during the winter break.

Article tbl hiver 3

Target the lower body

The isometric chair allows quadriceps workouts while relieving the back from tension. Put your back against the wall or a fitness ball if you prefer. Bend your knees at a 90-degree angle, spread your feet at shoulder width and contract your abs while keeping position for 30 seconds. Stop, then redo this exercise but this time try staying in position longer. If you feel comfortable challenge yourself for 45 seconds, 1 minute, etc.


Lunges are effective to strengthen the thighs and shaping the glutes. While standing, spread your legs at waist width, place your hands on your hips and keep your back nicely straight. Take a step forward with the left foot then bend both legs until the right knee almost touches the floor. Stand up by pushing on the left foot and bring your feet back to the initial position, keep your feet in parallel. Then alternate with the other leg.

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Be careful, don’t forget to bring your belly in for these two exercises, always have TBL in mind: you can also contract the perineum while exhaling during these exercises. The back must be straight consistently. To help you out with that look far ahead, that while prevent curving the back.

Work on your balance

Balance can quickly be challenged especially if you like winter sports in altitude. Our body needs a constant reminder that the floor exists.

Working on your support can be practiced daily, while brushing your teeth, cooking, in a waiting line… Absorb the energy coming from the ground by pressing your soles into it. You should feel a strong link between that and your breathing. You’ll better your balance and energy.

That’s it for this article my Bellies. Have you planned to go to the mountains in the next upcoming weeks? it’s important to well prepare physically and mentally before putting on skis or hiking snow shoes. By doing so you’re avoiding bad surprises and enjoying every single moment. To keep taking care of yourself and your belly, don’t forget, even on vacation, your daily 15 min of TBL. Looking forward to reading you, see you soon!