What’s TBL and why follow my programs ?

Discover the method

The Belly Lab

Discover the method

The Belly Lab

Do you know The Belly Lab?

It is a new way of gently taking care of yourself thanks to a method that focuses on your belly. Making up with your belly is the first step towards a more serene life!

What is The Belly Lab based on?

Gentle movements and active breathing exercises to deeply strengthen the abdominal, back and perineal muscles.

Who is it for ?

For all women! The Belly Lab is a no-impact, no-pressure method that suits every woman. Thanks to this new vision of muscle strengthening, TBL already has over 45,000 followers. What are you waiting for to join the adventure?


Throughout my life, I have practiced so-called “traditional” abs with one goal in mind: to have a flatter stomach. Despite years of regular practice, there was nothing I could do. I still had this little stubborn belly, but mostly pain and swelling every day. I thought that I couldn’t change it, that my body was made that way. I was wrong!

I started learning about the belly and I had a real epiphany. Did you know that our belly is our second brain? It regulates emotions and moods, the sleep cycle, hunger, pain management and immunity. It does it all ! Today, many of us still mistreat it. Stress, muscular pressure, poor nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, or overwork all cause pain and bloating.

Faced with this observation, I decided to create a method focused on the belly. A method that would help all women reconcile with their belly, know themselves better, and above all love themselves a little more each day. After testing the program, myself for a year, I found the results were amazing.

So, I launched The Belly Lab.


Hypopressive gymnastics :

Gentle movements that deeply strengthen the muscles while preserving your organs. These movements can be done throughout the day: in the morning, in the car, at the office, sitting, standing, everything is possible!

Active breathing :

Breathing exercises to reduce stress and control your emotions. Get a taste for a more serene life!

The Belly Lab philosophy :

Much more than a fitness method, TBL is a philosophy. Blossom fully in your life as a woman thanks to all our articles, tips and cheat sheets for a full discovery of yourself.

Take the time to take care of yourself and get visible results on :

Your belly :

A less painful, less bloated and flatter stomach!

Your figure :

A slimmer waist, improved posture and a toned-up body!

Your mind :

A stress-free, more fulfilling and healthier life !