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Are you finally there, or almost? The seaside, the sun and the beach! THE BELLY LAB accompanies you on your holidays, according to these elements which have so much to contribute for your health!

sun and beach

Summer is often synonymous with beach and sun, so you want to undress and immerse yourself in the water as soon as the thermometer rises. There are many advantages of being by the sea: here are some tips for being on top of the holidays with THE BELLY LAB.



  • I prepare my belly and my bikini.

For this I recommend that you practice the exercises in my THE BELLY LAB program which you can find on the site

  • I prepare my skin.

Your skin has suffered from winter and then from confinement, so take great care of it, both in the face and body. Do not hesitate to prepare your skin outdoors: wind, sun and heat.

  • I organize my departure … and my arrival

Choose a destination according to YOUR tastes! Rent a house on the beach or the cliffs. Whether it’s sunny or raining, seeing or hearing anything other than traffic noise will make you feel like you are truly living in nature. When the elements are unleashed during a storm, some will want to go running in the rain, while others peacefully watch the water run over the window with the sweet feeling of being safe.

And finally, take all the travel options available to you as much as possible, in order to save your time and energy: taxi, luggage assistance, restaurant, nanny…

In short, you’re on vacation and in the vacationer’s mindset: it’s getting ready!

sun and beach


  • The benefits of seawater and sand

First of all, pay attention to where and when you swim: learn about the movements of the tides (rising, falling …) and monitoring the beach, especially if you go alone.

Nothing wakes up your body like taking a swim in seawater in the morning before breakfast. You can savor the tranquility of the place, alone and without sand on your towel! A fresh morning swim tones the muscles, firms the flesh, and stimulates dopamine and serotonin (the hormones of happiness), so it’s an effective natural technique to boost your morale.

Seawater also has astringent properties: it helps to heal skin afflictions, cleanse the scalp and promote blood circulation. I’m sure many of you clean your nose with seawater in the winter, iodine is a very good antiviral and antibacterial agent. 

For the more adventurous, you can also drink or inhale seawater. I would rather advise you to prepare it yourself because of the risks of pollution: a pinch of sea salt in a glass of water relieves chronic constipation and adrenal fatigue.

As for the skin, sand is an excellent exfoliant: let yourself be teased by the wavelets at the water’s edge, guaranteed soft skin effect! Remember to rinse yourself well after swimming and to hydrate your skin. Take the opportunity to massage your belly, talk to it like some of my Bellies do, and connect to it.

Take care of your body more than ever: have the “TBL Spirit” every second of your vacation! And finally, a point rarely touched on regarding seawater: the spray on our skin and its smell. Some perfumers have not been mistaken by developing iodized fragrances.

  • The benefits of the sun

First tip: protect your skin, hair and eyes all the time. Protected skin still tans – slowly but surely – and remember that we even tan through a T-shirt or swimsuit. Buy sunscreen protection specifically adapted to your skin type.

The main benefit of sun exposure is to synthesize Vitamin D. Ten to fifteen minutes of exposure per day is enough to cover our needs. Avoid times when the sun is too strong, the best hours being before noon and after 4 p.m. Vitamin D prevents the risks linked to the degeneration of the skeleton such as osteoporosis: it fixates phosphorus and calcium, necessary to develop bone resistance, but also for our teeth! It also helps protect our immune and neuromuscular systems.

The tan gives you a good look, of course, but also boosts your morale…

  • The benefits of water sports and aquatic practices

On the water or in the water, we move! Windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailboats, paddling – very good for proprioception – a jetski for the more adventurous, aquatic gym, walking on the sand, walking in the water, you work your whole body thinking of your perineum.

gym exercices


  • Isolate yourself during your practice

This moment is for you above everything else! Establish a schedule if necessary. No one should disturb you during your exercises, so we mobilize the husband, the grandpa, the cousin … to take care of the children and above all: we must not feel guilty for leaving everyone to themselves!

In the morning, get up before everyone else and take advantage of this moment of calm to go practice at the beach, in a place that inspires you, or on a coastal pathway. Listen to the sounds of nature or take your favorite soundtrack. Enjoy the view, let yourself go, let go of everyday life, refocus on your stomach, “enter” into you in full consciousness.

  • How to practice THE BELLY LAB in sand and in water?

First, don’t forget your sunscreen, a hat and a bottle of water!

> In the water: take advantage of the space available to you and connect to this invigorating element. When walking or standing you will have to adapt to the current and the session will be all the more efficient. You will spend more energy! We focus on the perineum, its transverse and on all the sensations that TBL practice generates.


> On dry sand, your exercises will be more intense and physical due to the instability of the ground: you will have to find your balance, but this will therefore further strengthen your transverse and all your muscles. You can also lie down on the sand in a swimsuit for its exfoliating effect! In both cases, you will feel the elements in a different way, disconnected from your usual environment: enjoy the view, the warmth of the ground, the smells and the spray…

THE BELLY LAB is there to make your belly have a splendid holiday!

sun and beach

Joëlle's word

There you have it, myBellies! Even on vacation, me and my team are by your side! Share with us your swimsuit photos, around the pool or at the sea! Have a great summer!