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Before & After – 30 kilos 

Refine your weight loss with The Belly Lab

– 30 kilos! This is the feat achieved by Perrine, a follower of THE BELLY LAB concept and creator of the Facebook page Wild Kitchen Santé and Instagram page @my_wild_kitchen_bonheur. This is the story of her encounter with TBL. 


Perrine is one of my many Bellies. She is a 41 years old teacher who I contacted following her testimony on the TBL Mutual Aid and Support page, where she detailed an incredible transformation where she lost 30 kilos in two years. With the discovery of THE BELLY LAB, she refined her transformation and reached her goal in the search for physical and mental balance.

• THE BELLY LAB: What was your initial problem?

My initial problem? Well, I weighed 100 kilos at 1,62m in 2018. At that time I was attending a show in Paris, but could not sit comfortably. I spent the whole concert on the edge of the seat, because it was too small for my bottom to fit inside (laughs)! We were also in Montmartre, and it was an ordeal for me because I had to stop every 3 steps. I told myself that this was no longer acceptable. I was not in denial: I knew I was obese and I was dealing with it badly. I reacted to this shock at the right time. You should know that I was not always overweight, but it was a recurring problem with me.

• So what happened in your life that caused you to gain so much weight?

I was going through a difficult psychological and emotional period. I had to fill the void with something and prove that I was strong. The psychotherapy that I went through made me realize that I was filling my fleshly envelope to face “the other” and take more space than him. It was a way of grounding myself. I have been married for 10 years and have gained 40 kilos in 4 years. Leaving my husband took a lot of time but I managed to I resume my studies and I left with my children once I found a job. 

Things are different now: I think of myself, I put myself first and I have a new spouse who loves me as I am.


• How did you discover THE BELLY LAB?

It all started 2 years ago. I lost 30 kilos thanks to a new diet and I had reached a point where my body was starting to suit me, but I still had stomach problems. I began stagnating and yet I practiced a lot of sports, but without convincing results. I often saw posts from THE BELLY LAB on social media and I admit that I was not convinced at first, but with Joëlle being very thin I started questioning myself: is this person able to listen to other people? I read her blog, her testimonials, and saw the photos of the Bellies. When I read some negative comments from aggressive people, Joëlle always answered correctly and perfectly. I am on a diet group myself, and for me it is important to note that there is kindness on Joëlle’s networks. It immediately put me at ease.

So I started practicing self-massage on my own and talking to my stomach, and it was pretty amazing in terms of how my body responded. I was actually surprised by the way these women saw their bodies, which is usually disparaging and that sort of comments towards their stomachs are frightening to me. 

Maybe because I have experienced obesity it hurts me more since I often consider these women to be perfect, but they don’t realize how they look.


• And you started talking to your stomach! (laughs)

Yes ! And that’s when I started to understand things. The belly is the “cradle of motherhood”, but I did not want to have children again with my second partner. So I told my belly: “No, you will no longer shelter a baby, you can deflate my belly, you can take the form of a woman and no longer the form of a mother”. I also urged my friend to consider it, and he said “I didn’t dare to touch or look at it because I know you don’t like it”! The effects were visible after a few days. When I see testimonials that THE BELLY LAB does not work, I think people are not following the instructions properly and that they are too overweight. Not all people are ready to lose weight without changing their habits. You have to be ready to accept this change. If you’re too overweight you don’t see it right away as the effect is mostly internal, but anyway I read more positive than negative testimonials about THE BELLY LAB concept. 

• What sports do you practice ?

I do a lot of paddle boarding because I live in Brittany, but I am also a fan of yoga, Pilates, cycling and I have also played tennis. I don’t run because I hate it and it’s not for me, but I’m doing a lot of muscle building. A little HITT from time to time, skipping rope, but less and less. My mind is mostly looking for things that are not too aggressive, that are able to do good, and that are calming. Violent and forceful activities are beyond me! (laughs)

• Would you recommend THE BELLY LAB?

Yes and I do it regularly on my social networks, the Facebook page Wild Kitchen Santé and Instagram @my_wild_kitchen_bonheur. I love to cook and have a passion for nutrition. I wanted to share with people who are having a hard time, and help create delicious gourmet meals for them! Even if you’re eating boiled fish and beans, it must be beautiful and make you want it! I even created a sugar detox program to make people who follow me understand that you need to be very careful with how you consume it. I try to help other women and show them that losing 30 kilos is possible! It’s a long process and not always easy, but you can do it and you have to learn new habits.

• And what about your perineum and intestines in all this, how did they evolve?

I had no idea about working the perineum. I admit that I had not been concerned about it until then, even though I leaked urine after giving birth. I clicked with Joëlle and quickly understood how to work on this area. I wanted “my insides” to stop coming out of my belly!

I’ve always had intestinal problems, as if I hadn’t digested certain things. Sometimes I see comments from women asking for advice on laxatives and I appreciate the way Joëlle intervenes by advising them to practice letting go, to let out our emotions about ourselves and to practice TBL

I drank magnesium-rich waters for my intestines, but after 2 or 3 days I was constipated again. After having consulted naturopaths and etiopaths I knew how closely our belly is linked to our mind,

and that’s when Joëlle’s method caught my attention: by applying her technique my stomach deflated and my intestinal transit became normal again.

• How do you see your future now?

I continue practicing THE BELLY LAB and I try to convert as many women as possible (laughs), and they trust me. The technic accompanies my daily life, my belly is decreasing day by day, and I can even tell you that I have a mole on my groin that I hadn’t seen before. It has become my landmark: now I can see what was was covered by my belly before!

To put it more clearly: I even discovered that I have a pubic area (laughs) and that’s not nothing!

For me TBL is refinement, it’s the icing on the cake! It’s a complete journey and exactly what I was missing for me to complete my path.

Joëlle's word

Perrine! A fine example of transformation and will! Thank you for your trust and together we are stronger. If you too have transformed your life with TBL, email us your testimony to the following address: