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how to choose the best body massage ?

The Belly Lab advises.

I always talk about the benefits of self-massaging your stomach, what are the effects of this therapy, and which massage is the right one for you. Let The Belly Lab educate you on this.


body massage

A massage is often associated with a moment of relaxation. However, the benefits of massage therapy do not end with relaxation – quite the contrary – its effects on the body, the organism and your spirit are much more profound.

Originating from traditional medicines, this therapeutic practice is now making a comeback with scientific support. However, you should know that this practice requires informing yourself about the expected effects, as well as asking yourself the right questions. 

The benefits of massage for the body

A well-done massage will reduce pain, especially in the neck, back, head, feet, stomach and sciatic nerve. Massage therapy also helps release tension in the body, which can be linked to fatigue and everyday stress. 

As I tell you regularly, detoxing is important, as well as taking the time to purify your body by adapting your habits. Massages are an excellent way to get rid of toxins and fats that cause cellulite, and by stimulating pressure points you promote blood circulation, act on the lymphatic system and restore energy to the body, while simultaneously toning it up.

The benefits of massage on the body and the mind

Thanks to its action on the nervous system, massaging helps soothe the body mentally as well as physically by helping regulate our natural sleep cycle. Indeed, releasing the body’s tension promotes a deeper and more comfortable sleep, which allows the body’s energy to circulate better and reduce the feeling of fatigue.

A massage is also a precious tool for taking care of your stomach on a daily basis. I regularly tell you about The Belly Lab tummy tuck self-massage, which improves digestion and reduces bloating and constipation. With hand movements and pressure, you can help your gut do its work.

Massaging your stomach helps it function better, and through this the stomach sends signals of well-being to the brain. By stimulating the receptors in the skin, the massage acts directly on the nervous system and promotes the production of endorphins, dopamine and serotonin – and I’m even convinced that these signals start the moment you plan to self-massage. To know more about the abdominal self-massage, watch my video “self-massage” in my TBL program.

Beyond the pleasure and relaxation it provides in the moment, a massage’s healing properties are widely recognized, both in the short and long term. If you want to pamper and treat yourself to a massage, it is essential to find out which one is best for you. There are, in fact, many types of massages with specific characteristics and benefits.

Massage: a treatment not to be taken lightly

Before getting started and making an appointment, it’s essential to learn about several aspects of this practice. Ask yourself about the technique used by the institute or the individual, the environment, the quality of the massages performed, the time spent per session and the training of the masseur. Indeed, for a massage to provide real health benefits, it must be performed perfectly.

The massage should be a relaxing moment where you can feel completely at ease with the practitioner. It’s a moment of exchange, which is why it’s important to share your ailments and expectations with the masseur. 

Regardless of the technique being used the massage should always begin with large and light movements, in order to establish progressive contact with the body. A certain practitioner’s technique is not necessarily suitable for everyone, so you might as well find out about it beforehand. Don’t hesitate to ask for a woman if it makes you feel more comfortable.

Feel free to ask questions about the oils used in the massage, especially if they contain essential oils that you may be allergic to. Today, by checking reviews and comments on social networks, or even word-of-mouth from friends, it’s easy to find good and serious practitioners.

body massage

The different types of massage

Shiatsu massage : a holistic practice originated in Japan. The practice consists of a series of pressures along the meridians of the whole body, where a therapist transmits energy to the patient through touch. It’s a good introduction for those who prefer to start slowly, with guaranteed connection and proximity. 

Californian massage : this is a very gentle technique that was popularized in the 1980s in the United States. This massage uses long, slow and fluid movements that allow for a deep physical and psychological relaxation. Very often practiced in institutes, it is also called “the touch of the heart” or “harmonic massage”.

Balinese massage : just its name will make you travel! It originates in Asia – at the crossroads of Indonesian, Indian and Chinese culture – and is performed by a series of pressures accompanied by essential oils. The goal? Relaxing, untying muscle knots, and stretching your limbs to bring you well-being and softness.

Thai massage : a traditional ancestral massage which is even part of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity! It allows you to relax, but also restores your energy flow.

Swedish massage : newer and sportier than the previous ones, it was invented by a fencing master!Friction, vibration, kneading and percussion: you will feel the pressure with this deep tissue massage, which is very effective, especially for back pain. 

Hot stone massage : stones with a temperature of 50º+ are placed on points of the body where you feel pain, to warm and relax the area.

Ayurvedic massage : originating in India, it has been practiced for millennia with extensive preventive properties. Much more than a simple massage, it is a full body therapy considered as a hygiene of daily life.

Reflexology : a massage from traditional Chinese medicine, which relieves symptoms by acting on reflex areas of the feet which are connected to the part of the body or organ that causes pain.

Joëlle's word

With The Belly Lab, and thanks to the benefits of self-massage, you take care of your belly and don’t forget to pamper the rest of your body. By yourself, with a friend or a professional, a massage is a great way to do yourself some good, so you allow yourselves this therapy without hesitation! 

And you, which one will you choose? 😉