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Blooming female sexuality

The Belly Lab is transforming into Doctor Love.

Times change and so does our sexuality. Today, The Belly Lab is transforming into Doctor Love for your pleasure. Are you ready to explore female sexuality with us ? 

female sexuality

Many of you trust me with your intimacy and confess your fears about sexuality. This is an important concern to have, especially after a certain age when you have a completely different relationship with your body. However, it’s out of the question to forego your feminine pleasure! Sexuality manifests itself differently at each age, and even if menopause is around the corner it’s important to continue fulfilling your desires. Sexuality is the breath of life in Chinese medicine, as it allows for the circulation of vital energies and promotes a connection with one’s spouse. With The Belly Lab you’ll learn to take better care of your stomach and perineum to enhance your pleasure. 

A sexuality for each age !

Throughout our lives as women, we don’t have the same relationship with sex when we’re 20, 30, 40 or 50 years old. When first discovering our sexuality, our drives are mainly subject to the action of sexual hormones : it’s a whole new world to discover and explore. 

Then comes a time when the desire for motherhood kicks in (or not, by the way !). The more the years go by, our experience helps us to know our bodies and desires better, making us more self-confident and comfortable when making love. Over time, it’s possible to get to know other partners and lovers, play new games and explore new activities. 

It also needs to be said that mentalities are changing, and waiting around for your one true love or a Prince Charming is no longer the norm. Women are now free to do whatever they want at any age, and to experience their sexuality as they see fit. 

Lack of desire at menopause: is it inevitable ?

It’s a fact that as we approach 50, our bodies are put to the test. They become softer and less toned, as the onset of menopause changes everything. With the disappearance of menstrual cycles, vaginal dryness, hot flashes and mood swings, a drop in libido can be felt. 

You can blame it partially on hormones, but it’s also because the emotional aspect is more present. In fact, things aren’t always rosy and as life as a couple becomes more complicated, routine kills desire and everyday worries can increase our mental load and affect our morale, leaving the femme fatale within us hiding in the closet. 

At this age we judge our bodies more harshly and our self-image can become distorted. You can lose confidence in yourself and your body, thinking that you are no longer desirable. However, while menopause has long been associated with a loss of femininity and sexuality, nowadays it’s no longer a reason to let yourself go. 

It does not mark the end of our life as a woman and its effects are temporary and wear off over time, so we should show some kindness to ourselves ! Even though you may be afraid of getting naked, the desire to take care of your body is there. Let’s not forget that desire drives desire, it’s an everyday job as I repeat to you often when practicing my The Belly Lab programs. 

With TBL you will continue to strengthen your perineum as you work on the entire gynecological sphere, which allows you to remain aware of your inner life as a woman, physically speaking !


female sexuality

Make love not war !

Making love produces a number of hormones such as dopamine and serotonin. It is an integral part of our life and our stomach, and I’m sure that the old saying “make love, not war” is the golden rule in a relationship.

It also brings you close to your partner, as sexual intimacy welds a relationship together. A fulfilling sexuality gives you self-confidence, makes you feel more energetic, more feminine, more woman. So, after your fifties it’s essential to nurture your libido and desire within your relationship. Make love: it’s important and even a matter of health. A natural elixir of youth !

So you shouldn’t hold back on tenderness, small displays of affection (gifts, massages), hugs and kisses. We need to communicate with our partners and stop pretending ! By now, you need to know your worth, your preferences, your erogenous zones, and the way your body works.

Why not surprise your partner and spice up your escapades with sex toys, for example ? You will come out so much happier and more energized! Always listen to your desires, make love at your own pace. With a fulfilling sexuality you will have fewer stomach aches, and the stomach will also express itself through the sexual act: by taking it into consideration you give it its rightful place. 

By accepting (and above all respecting) our body, we tend towards losing our sexual inhibitions and having intense experiences. Be solar with your head, your belly and your perineum. And with a muscular perineum, ladies… this is the climax !

Joëlle's word

A mother, wife, mistress, or quite simply a woman. We can be all these women at the same time, each at their own pace. Sexual energy is the breath of life.