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Maintaining your perineum :

the benefits

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Half hidden, half invisible, the perineum is usually unknown to women until they have their first delivery. At this stage, they will be taught to strengthen the perineum (perineal re-education), but will they be aware of the consequences later on when it’s not strong?

How to find out where it is ?

Also called “pelvic floor”, the perineum is made of muscle built like a diamond shape that is located between the vagina and the anus. Sitting or standing, you’re trying to stop strong gas urinations, without clinching the buttock, but in the inside. You might need to concentrate to feel your perineum. If by doing so you still don’t feel I, it most likely means you need to strengthen it. There are various causes for its subsidence: pregnancies, chronic constipation, menopause, excessive workout (running mostly).

Reasons why you should strengthen that part of your body

  • Avoid organ descend such as prolapses, effort incontinence, a feeling of heaviness in the lower stomach, being even more constipated, and in general every problem related to intimacy…
  • Boost your pleasure: with a strong perineum, the vagina gets tighter and has a better grasp of the partner’s penis, your blood flow is stronger and your genitals are irrigated better… and that’s a better chance to reach the orgasm.
  • Strengthen other parts of your body at the same time, the transverse or the abs in their deepest state (for those that dream of having that triangle)

How to strengthen it

  • To avoid that, I’ve put together a method, The Belly Lab®, that allows us to work out in a very effective way on that forgotten/ignored part of our body. Strengthening the perineum becomes a daily habit: in the bus, in the subway, in the line at the supermarket, have fun with your perineum.

    Count 10/15 seconds and let go! you’ll see results very quickly.

The perineum is still a taboo subject for some of us. That needs to change, we need to free ourselves from that by strengthening one of the most important part of our body. In 2019 it should be normal for a woman to flourish spiritually and sexually.