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Summer and the belly lab

Flat belly during the holidays 

flat belly for the holidays

Summer is almost here, finally! But have you thought about preparing for it? If this is not the case, I give you some tips for sculpting a nice flat stomach for the holidays, thanks to my THE BELLY LAB program.

We were so afraid of spending our summer confined this year, that we had almost forgotten that the holiday season is not that far away, and we must prepare for it!

Whoever says vacation, says bikini and a flat stomach… but maybe you had a few moments of self-indulgence during this confinement?…

Do you feel swollen? Are you uncomfortable in your post-containment body but want to feel good in your new swimsuit?

Do not panic! THE BELLY LAB is here to help you get back in shape, so now it’s the time to enjoy my method.


Before de-confinement, our organs suffered a burn down with the winter season and then the confinement linked to the Covid-19 pandemic.

We were forced to stay inside, which had a direct impact on our digestive system.

Time seemed to put a hold on the resolutions made at the beginning of 2020. Even though we stayed home during the confinement phase, we all need this summer break, even the ones lucky enough to be able to rest during this confusing time.

We all took this opportunity to go out: train outside, move and slowly resume sports routines. But this is also an opportunity to do your TBL outdoor, perhaps your garden, at a park during your lunch break or to practice while sitting either at your office, public transport or in your car.

  • THE BELLY LAB program to prepare for summer

The Belly Lab is a holistic method that adapts to your lifestyle learning to breathe and contraction of the perineum. With THE BELLY LAB you work an essential muscle, the pillar of your abdominal strap: the transverse.

So if you plan to take advantage of the summer to get into a more active lifestyle, my approach prepares you gently: TBL guarantees to maintaining and protecting your lower back. And I keep saying this again and again: avoid crunches that pull on the neck and lower back.

the belly lab exercices


During your TBL training i suggest you find your anchor point. The work-out is mainly located at the perineum and the transverse muscle. The advantage of TBL is that you can practice at any time of the day, discreetly according the movements and there’s no need for specific equipment.

Firstly we need to think about correcting our posture, so straighten up! We are looking for an anchor point, we start in a neutral position, seeking a balance that is naturally within us and that will take us to a balance in our emotions.

Have you returned to the office? If so, take any opportunity to get up or put your body into activity: 

Take the stairs instead of the elevator, take a document to a colleague, get glasses of water from the water machine instead of keeping your bottle nearby… every step counts! And remember to work on your perineum at the same time.

When you pay attention to your body and you belly, you allow yourself to feel and understand what is going inside.

Make yourself a calendar of TBL sessions and keep up to it! It may even be easier to do it during vacation than it is at home, where you have to respond to all kinds of requests and unexpected events.

flat belly for the holidays
  • Prepare by meditating

THE BELLY LAB is also a mindset.

To feel better about your belly it’s also important to heal through your words, take time to question yourself, to consider your emotions and why not put them on paper in a small notebook?

The work of the perineum, centred on the belly, allows us to balance our emotion. We train in full awareness and we anchor ourselves in the present, on the lookout for least of our sensations.

Don’t forget to treat yourself, give yourself time: take a moment in the day to disconnect from all screens. Close your eyes and settle into the present moment.

What are the benefits from this transverse and perineal work?

Meditate, live in the moment – imagine a radiant summer the way you wish and desire!

The secret lies in the attention a regularity you give to your training!

  • Prepare your body with a good diet

During summer you can take the time to eat in peace.

So why not start a work-out? What if we stopped eating 5 minutes lunches, sitting at your desk with your phone surfing on social media?

Prepare your packed lunch at home the day before, with healthy food and following the food method that I suggest in my program.

Select the foods that make you happy and that you know you can digest easily. Vary with small treats and use herbs for flavour. Also opt for foods rich in beta-carotene that is contained in fruits and vegetables, and which allows the synthesis of melanin that is responsible for the pigmentation of our skin.

Another golden rule to avoid bloating and swelling: chew your food properly!

Get your stomach used to being serious, starting now! Avoid crisps and other frivolous foods rich in fats and sugar.

Take the opportunity to banish your bad eating habits and nothing will prevent you from some indulgencies during the holidays, so you can taste ice-creams without feeling guilty!

  • Prepare your skin:

Get out! Your skin needs light and to fill up on Vitamin D, but protect it first, always!

As we all know, sun in excess isn’t good for our skin, so indulge in small doses.

Winter and confinement might have gotten the better out of our skin, so let’s take care of it.

I also spoke about my beauty routine in the article on skin confinement and beauty.

A tanned and well hydrated belly gives the effect of a sculpted abdomen with beautiful reflections, so think about trying self tanning mists, some of which already come with progressive colouring and natural pigments, it will give you a healthy glow and often come with UV filters.

And finally, drink lots of water. Hydrate yourself because it’s an important part for your body’s transit.

flat belly holidays

Joëlle's word

Voilà my Bellies, I hope you felt a boost to get active with my advices, and I hope you have a radiant summer. In the next 2 months of vacation I think I’ll savour the flavours of this special year. Take care of yourselves my Bellies, I wish you a well-deserved summer!