The Belly Lab workshop in Lisbon

The Belly Lab Experience

 tbl workshop by Joëlle Bildstein

Thank you JNcQUOI Club for this amazing time with you and your members!

The 8 & 15th of June, I had the opportunity to share my TBL’s exercices with some members of the JNcQUOI Club in Lisbon, Portugal. 

I did two workshops about my TBL’s exercises which are available online on my website 

It was two wonderful days ! I met amazing women and it was so exciting for me to share with these women the TBL experience.

You too ? You want a flat belly ? Join me ! My English TBL program is now online on my website



Marcela De Mello Breyner Lagos (JNcQUOI Club Lisbon Manager),  speaks about the TBL experience

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